City Dance News Letter Post

The current City Dance News Letter is now posted. You can easily view the newsletter posted here.  

Download Newsletter(PDF)


How to use this Google Doc Viewer

  1. Move your cursor over the display of the Newsletter above, you will see two dark grey icons at the top right of the doc viewer.
  2. Moving your cursor over those icons will show what they are.
  3. Click the “pop-out” icon and it will open the document into a window for full view.
  4. To close this view, click the “back arrow” of the browser, if the back arrow is greyed out, close the tab “X” which the tab window displays.

Printing the Newsletter

  1. View the PDF Newsletter as explained just above. 
  2. Top of the browser window you see a print icon, click it to print. 
  3. NOTE: Please do not use the browser’s own print feature, the document will not print properly or the print will fail. Please use the print icon in the Google PDF view window as explained. .

How to Download the Newsletter

  1. Click “Download Newsletter (PDF) and a window opens showing the document. Depending on the browser your using, to save to your computer, click the following…
    IE: Bottom center, click the floppy disk icon to download it.
    Chrome: Bottom right, click the floppy disk icon which will appear when you hover your cursor at the bottom right corner of the browser window.
    FireFox: Top right of the browser window, a page icon with a down arrow.
    Opera: Bottom Center, a tray icon with a down arrow. It appears when you hover your cursor over that area of the browser window.